Friday, September 18, 2009

Snapshots of an enchanted childhood

There are a few snapshots in life which remain etched in memory, much like still photos stuck in an album. Here's one of my enduring memories...
Mrs. Rodrigues, my fifth standard class teacher, steamrollering into class in a bright green frock -those were days when we did not use the term "dress"- embellished with equally loud yellow and pink flowers. Throw in matching green watch straps and sandals and you have captured the essence of Mrs. Rodrigues! This dress, apart from giving any self respecting parrot a severe inferiority complex, also jolted us into complete consciousness in about 20 seconds. Not a bad ploy, considering she handled English, history and geography for the class.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Now that Quick Gun Murugan has been declared a hit, I guess we will see a spate of sequels and prequels or atleast comic tracks in Tamil featuring Bladerunner Balaji, Rapid fire Raghu, Cycle chain Chinni and so on.
The movie got most of it right... loud costumes, routine rowdy dialogue, gangster and moll senti scenes etc, but the crowd was missing. These kinda movies need a crowd in key scenes, egging on the hero, echoing dialogues...Hopefully the sequel The Good the Bad and the Idli will get that right. Not a bad Shanshanka Ghosh, Not a bad!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Constant cacophony

Our house is small
About five rooms in all,
Room one reverberates to desi pop
Room two resonates with the latest hip hop
From room three emanates cell phone chatter
In room four vessels drop with a loud clatter
"Shhhh" admonishes the cooker from room five
Did I tell you - on noise we thrive!
Our family is small
Four of us in all...
Of course we love peace and quiet
But it's just not part of our regular diet!