Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Morning madness...

The morning started off with a job to do
Move a cot into Ma's place and move out two.
So I hired two men and a van
And moved on with the rest of my plan.
What's the problem you ask,to whine there's no reason,
Wait a bit, you haven't met problem person!
Ma's out of town and her caretaker is in charge
A spinster at fifty five she's wary of men at large.
All didn't go as planned - the men arrived before I
As I drove in I heard a blood curdling cry!
I bounded up the stairs and saw the men quaking with fear
As another scream erupted from caretaker dear.
I called ahead I said in an irritated tone,
Surely you didn't think I could do this on my own.
But I didn't see you, she countered, only these baddies
After all I am ladies!


  1. he. he. good man. u write poetry too. haaaaa. nice one.