Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm back!

Yup, back after a long hiatus.... which I spent in the company of painters, carpenters, plumbers and their ilk. Oh, and I also lived in a permanent cloud of sawdust, putty dust and simple plain dust. My ten year old house needed a facelift and i ended up giving it half a facelift... mostly because i had by now had enough of this exalted company!
But I discovered some interesting facts... for instance, I learned that carpenters do not polish... that's the polisher's job and for polish touch-ups there's this guy (this is still a predominantly male domain)  who's randomly appointed to "finish up" and is called the "helper". My" helper", who looked like Makarand Despande on a bad hair day, really finished up the door he was "finishing up". This fellow with a wild look in his eyes, scurried between the four doors like a cartoon in fast forward, left such a trail of disaster in his wake, I have still to recover from his whirlwind tour of my house. On  the inside of the bathroom, the door frame of which he "touched up", were marks that resembled canine tracks on the beach... Another door had his thumb print  clearly etched on the freshly painted wall beside it. and a third looked like a variant of khurja pottery, with huge blobs of varnish dripping from the top....For me, personally, the final straw was when this bedraggled chap was romanced by his girlfriend/wife on his cell in the middle of this whirlwind tour. Vodafone dating tip alerts had hit pay dirt!  Anyway, the Makarand-lookalike squirmed, giggled and twirled his finger around his hair...Well you get the drift. Valentine's day was thus officially declared closed. (It was after feb 14th, so...)..

P.S : I had  half expected him to etch a neat heart on  the fresh yellow wall... black heart on yellow wall (only because he was painting the doors black). What say?

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