Sunday, March 28, 2010

Neighbours all!!

Statutory Warning : This piece is only part truth; mostly fiction. It was inspired by some people who lived next door; but that's it.

Neighbours, they come in different shapes and sizes
Most are nice but there are some surprises;
Like the one who had a temper so foul
I secretly  referred to him as "The Ghoul"
Or the ones who borrowed everything from milk to channa
And then made off with my world space antenna!
One neighbour's kid was a complete vandal
While her husband's behaviour caused many a scandal..
But by far the most interesting were the family of eight
who held their family meetings by the common gate
All private matters were discussed threadbare
We passersby blushed, but did they care?
What about the nice guys, aren't they worth a mention?
Sure, but it's the bad ones who grab all the attention.....

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